SimpleWare Computer Solutions - Products & Services

» Ads (Magazines, Directories, Guides, or other publications)
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» Applications, Database & Programming
Customer database allows you to position information on your website, available anytime and anywhere. We also offer: guestbook, guest satisfaction survey, interactive bulletin board & forums, calendar of events, frequently asked questions, restaurant menus, employment opportunities & listings, press information, special, promotions and many more. We have the experience, project management and business sense to understand and meet your unique challenges, just ask us about it.

» Domain Name Registration
It is important that you choose the best domain name to represent your business, we'll help you with your selection ( Our packages offer 1-year subscription included.

» E-mail Account with Webmail Access
Most of our packages come with full POP3 e-mail accounts, your own e-mail: Our Webmail will give you the ability to check your e-mail online anywhere anytime as long as you have a computer and an Internet access.

» eBrochure, Video, Virtual Tours & Photo Gallery
With the photo gallery you can display still photos of your product with a navigational interface. Perfect for the hospitality industry, the amazing 360-degree virtual tours your clients can literally 'step inside' of your property. Turn your visitors into $-revenue!

» Flash, Shockwave & Graphic Presentation
Using the latest techniques and software in presentation development, we are able to create low-bandwidth animation, application and interface that engage the user with an eye-pleasing live presentation including sound, motion and graphics.

» Intranet
An intranet is created to perform common everyday business functions, such as e-mail contact management, administrative files & forms, expenses administration and much more. By launching an Intranet website, any work could be speeded up tremendously and bring about an end to the unnecessary paperwork, bureaucracy and delays. Beyond the cost savings from simply reducing the number of paper forms, Intranet also delivers intangible benefits, the automated processes reduces the layers of approvals and paperwork, while removing the go-between helps an employer to ensure their demographic and financial data is more accurate.

» Live Support
Just by pressing a key, your client can have an immediate and personal live conversation direct from their PC to your sales agent, who are ready to answer any questions and higher the likelihood that you may close a deal.

» Mailing List & Newsletter Subscription
Mailing list is one of the best tools to gather information about your visitors. One of the most powerful features of mailing list is that it allows your company to reach a broad number of clients at a very low cost and fast speed. and newsletter is your way in permission based e-mail advertising. Promote your product, service or web site. We can create your custom graphic message and even construct an accompanying web site for your product or service. Along with you we can custom design the right promotional campaign to get you the results you want and need.

» Online Newsletters, Flash Ad, & PowerPoint Presentations
Graphical Webpages, Flash Animations & Power Point Presentations marketing tools help you showcase your business using images, texts and links.

» Internet Campaigns - Pay-per-Click
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» Postcards, Posters, & etc...
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» Professional Audio-Voice Introduction for Your Website
With this new technology, using professional & warming female or male voices, you can tell your visitors about your business, and everything you have to offer. Instantly streaming voice-overs when visitors visit your website can help you with your sales strategy.

» Search Engine Optimization & Website Marketing
The search engines are used by millions to look up for products & services in the Internet, with our search optimization services we will get your business in the top ranking in some of the major search engines, so they will find you.

» Shopping Cart
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» Updates, Maintenance & Support
It is important that your website is maintained up-to-date. We are known for our commitment to our clients, we always exceed our clients’ expectations through our expertise, client service, creative excellence and user-focused solutions. Our range of services includes daily maintenance, updates, support and online marketing.

» Website Design & Development
Approximately 790 million people worldwide have access to the World Wide Web (WWW). No matter what your business is, you can't ignore 790 million people. To be a part of that community and show that you are interested in serving them, you need to be on the WWW for them. You know your competitors will. Your website represents your business and its benefits, the best possible impression. Making business information available is one of the most important ways to serve your customers. We focus our development on immediate ROI (Return of Investment) - generating a high ROI conversion - and achieving your key business objectives. A first impression can quickly become a last one when dealing with website design. By leveraging an impressive look and feel, a website can quickly capture the attention of your guest. Our websites are easy to use, clear, with concise navigation architecture and quick to download.

» Website Hosting
We will maintain your new website online on the Internet (WWW) 24/7. Your website will be hosted by one of our state-of-art servers, our servers have the latest technology platforms, operating systems, and run in a professional secure environment with excellent support.

» Website Statistic
Keep track of your online visitors anytime. You will have valuable information to keep track of your internet marketing. You will have access to reports such as daily, weekly and monthly hits, page viewed, browser type, referrer URL and more. This tool will give you a measurement of the level of success of your site, which will help you in future planning.